Sunday, February 28, 2010


Thank you to everyone who attended our auditions. The production staff and I were amazed at the number of interested members and the quality acting that was presented. You did not make my job easy, and my head is still spinning after today. There were tough decisions made and at times I wished I could cast two people in the same role. I am excited to work with everyone apart of our production and know it will be a quality show thanks to your commitment! Thank you for your interest!
Rebecca Christie

Cast Announcement for The Miracle Worker

On behalf of director Rebecca Christie, FCOA announces the cast for the 2010 production of The Miracle Worker:

Doctor – Nick Keely
Kate Keller – Sara Williams
Captain Keller – Ted Smith
Helen Keller – Julianne Zatezalo
Martha – Abby Larimore
Percy – Critter Fink
Aunt Ev – Peg Hennessy
James – Ben Bodamer
Anagnos – Cooper Oliver
Annie Sullivan– Amy Dittman
Viney-Carissa McClintock
Little Jimmie-Lane Behe

Blind School Students-Julia Lusher, Bowen Dye, David Zlotnicki, Jordyn Plymire, Beth Pfohl, Victoria Sherman, Anna Fox, Megan Keelan, Regan Scott

Shadow Persons – Patricia Rende, Lisa Harry
We look forward to seeing everyone on stage April 24-25 & 30 and May 1-2 at the Barrow-Civic Theatre.

Tickets available now at or by calling the Box Office.

Cast List to be announced soon

Auditions are winding down.   We hope to have the cast list for The Miracle Worker posted this evening or Monday morning.    Stay tuned. 

Thank you to everyone who turned out for auditions - 35 people total!   Great job.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Schedule Correction to Tentative Rehearsal Schedule

If you have downloaded the audition packet - on the "tentative" rehearsal schedule, there will be NO rehearsal on April 4th as indicated due to the Easter observance.

No rehearsal on April 4th.    An updated schedule will be released after auditions are completed.

Thank you

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Auditions this weekend

Auditions for The Miracle Worker will be held this weekend, Feb 27 and 28, at 1pm each day at the Barrow-Civic Little Theatre.  

Download the audition packet with the link at the right or fill it out when you arrive.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Miracle Worker on Broadway

Follow the link to see about The Miracle Worker coming to Broadway with some very talents well known actors!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Audition Packet available for The Miracle Worker

The audition packet is now available for download at or by clicking at the top of the page "Download Audition Packet."

The packet contains an audition form, plus character information and monologues for audition purposes.

Auditions are Feb 27 and Feb 28 at 1pm, with callbacks Feb 28 at 3pm - all at the BCT Little Theatre.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Helen Keller videos added to sidebar

We have linked five videos on the sidebar for your interest and viewing.

The first four are from the website of the American Foundation for the Blind.  

The fifth one is from the Biography website about the day Helen Keller passed away.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Welcome to The Miracle Worker Blog!

“All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.”

Helen Keller

Since I am new to the Barrow Civic Theater an introduction may be in order. I am Rebecca Christie a “transplant” from Chicago Illinois and this is my first direction at BCT. In Chicago I was a Theater and Performing Arts Teacher at an inner city Fine and Performing Arts magnet elementary School. I have been directing since 2004, but mostly with youth. I am very excited about this production and am elated with the interest from theater members!

My experience as an educator has shaped my vision for The Miracle Worker. The goal of the show would be not only to entertain but also educate our audiences. This is especially relevant because of the daytime school performances. I will be providing an education companion packet for the performance to each attending school to enrich their learning experience while attending our production.

The theme of the show would be on our (as members of society) impact on others with special needs and/or handicaps. My vision is that the audience members, youth and adult alike, will walk away with a sense of awareness of how to treat all of society with equality and respect. The same respect that Annie Sullivan gives to Helen, when everyone else will only tolerate her. Those a part of this production will focus not solely on creating empathy for Helen’s character but an inward catharsis for the audience to not only tolerate those with special needs and handicaps, but be aware of how their actions impact these people’s lives. My goal is that after watching our production the audience members will want to have a positive impact on another’s life in any way possible.

Audition information will be coming soon! Since these characters were real people there will be a focus on being true to history and all actors will be required to research their role.

FYI: After the miracle, Helen Keller became a very influential world leader. Helen was an advocate for people with handicaps to gain employment, she was against capital punishment, she protested against child labor, and was a key member in women’s suffrage which gained women a right to vote. Just think if Annie Sullivan did not treat Helen with equality and respect, the impact on our modern day society would be devastating…

I am looking for both male and female actors from ages 7 and up  Boys there are roles for you too! There are at least three male roles for boys.

Miracle Worker Poster