Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why So Serious?

Tonight was fun thank you all—I’m still drying off TED!

“Back to life back to reality” We are doing the REAL show tomorrow for a REAL paying audience! I’m glad you all got to blow of some steam and everyone deserved a laugh now GET FOCUSED .

Full (whole show NO cuts) Show for another Fri performance.

7pm Call 7:45pm Circle 8pm Show

Lunch on school show day


Lunch is provided for you on the school show day.    During school shows for youth theatre, the cast pays for their lunch.   HOWEVER, because this is a)an adult show and b) part of the main season and c) has adults in it who are taking vacation days from work to be here, we will NOT be charging for lunch.

I have been instructed to make sure that everyone understands that the Youth Theatre program will still be (in the future) charging for lunch on the school days due to the large size of the youth casts.

So, in a nutshell you have a free lunch on Monday but future Youth Theatre school shows will continue to charge you for lunch.

See you all tonight

Producer and Captain - Ted

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller

Thank you cast and crew for some “extra” rehearsals for our school show.
It has been frustrating cutting down a 2 hour and ten minute show to 1 hour and 30 minutes including announcements, narration, intermission and Curtin call.
Truly thank you for your patience
But most of all, thank you for your adaptation and retention even when tensions ran high with frustration. Many of you retained the ever changing scene cuts. I did want to keep as many characters in this summary of an important story, and yet keep the vital story line.
I hope you are resting on the days between our rehearsals. Although you were informed at auditions that these rehearsals were going to take place- undergoing a huge change and learning essentially two shows is a difficult task. I am so grateful to have this excellent cast that can take this project on.

Rehearsal & Brush up April 29th 2010 at 7pm Main Stage Everyone Called- Children stay whole rehearsal
We will run the school show and brush up for our performance Fri

Friday April 30th 2010 Call 7pm Circle 7:45pm Show 8pm
Sat Amy 1st Call 7pm Circle 7:45pm Show 8pm
Sunday May 2nd 2010 Call 1pm Circle 1:45pm Show 2pm
REMINDER We will practice the school show one more time after our last performance on Sunday
School Show Monday May 3rd 2010 Breakfast provided 8am call 8:30am 1st performance 9:30am  lunch provided second 12:15pm

As always thank you

School Show Permission Slip

All cast members who need excused from school on Monday May 3rd:

You can download the permission slip HERE - click to download the pdf of the form, print and have signed.

The school shows have been part of the schedule since auditions so everyone in the cast is required to participate.


Ted - your Producing Captain


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

School Shows

Thursday April 29th School Day Rehearsal & Brush up ALL CALLED at 7pm on main stage No lights or sound needed. We will run the school show 80 minutes- then run as fast as we can through the "real" show from scene to scene- All blind School children need to stay at whole rehearsal

Refer to the packet given at read through and the scene break down for what scenes I am talking about.
School Show Cuts
Cut- Opening w/ Viney Percy and Martha - I will do introduction

Cooper narration @ Blind School

Curtin opens

Stomach and Brain

Life before teacher starting at Cue line before Helen and Martha’s struggle over the scissors

Perkins Scene – Black Leg Curtin and Scene change

Where we going Annie

Cooper Narration

1st encounter

Miss O’sullivian- Cut down to Helen finding her present DOLL

L-A-D-D-E-R Scene


Breakfast Tantrum cut to Keller “I fail to See”

Cut Aunt Ev And Viney Scene

To Slam door sound Kate “What happen” Folded napkin


Intermission for 8-10 minutes Rebecca Q & A

Cooper Narration

“2 weeks agreement” Where Annie enters

Cage Bird

Forgotten Mother (maybe Cut)

I will touch you

I need more time until 18 nouns and 3 verbs to Dog entrance cut to “We miss the girl”

After 6 Chimes Annie cleans her eyes

Cut to Homecoming James Prayer

The Miracle

Curtin Call
If we keep the acts to 40 minutes each and with intermission and Curtin call we should have JUST enough time for school shows

Friday Show Night Call 7pm Circle 7:45pm Show 8pm

Thank you all for learning two shows and not going crazy (like me). Sorry for all the changes and I am very grateful for your understanding and keeping on your toes!

As always thank you

Rehearsal Tonight (Tue April 27)


Yes, this is a late update - but everyone already knew about it so this is just late confirmation on what we all know - that we should be at the theatre at 7pm for rehearsal tonight!

See you all there!

Captain Keller, producer

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cast Party

Thank you to all who provided food and entertainment!
I even got in on the fun :)

Dress Rehearsal Photos

Provided by the Larimore family- thank you

School Day Show Rehearsal

Sunday April 25th School Day Rehearsal ALL CALLED at 1pm on main stage - You will receive your school day cut down script on this day.

Tuesday April 27th School Day Rehearsal ALL CALLED at 7pm on main stage

Thursday April 29th School Day Rehearsal & Brush up ALL CALLED at 7pm on main stage No lights or sound needed.
Great job again last night! The audience applaused for you after every great scene; is it our fault it was almost every single scene! You received a standing ovation again! I hope all had fun at the cast party and you are rested for today!
As always Thank you

Saturday, April 24, 2010


You made it your own and received a STANDING OVATION!

Great job! I am very proud of all of you!

Call 7:00pm Circle 7:45pm 8pm Show!

See you tonight!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. ~ Helen Keller

"It's your show now"

I have enjoyed this process with all of you! I hope that as your director I guided you through understanding your characters, and appreciating the meaning behind the story. The relationships, small business in between lines, and characterizations truly finish the show. Congratulations I know this show will be a true hit!

Opening Night Performance

Everyone Call 7:00pm Circle 7:45pm Show 8:00pm

Break a Leg

As always Thank YOU!

Dress rehearsal

 What a great rehearsal last night! Everything is falling right into place- even the pitcher now :)

Our Dress Rehearsal Call: 6:30pm 7:30pm Cast photo 8:00pm Start
We will be running the show like we perform. ALL BLIND SCHOOL CHILDREN MUST STAY THE WHOLE NIGHT FROM START TO CURTAIN CALL or else they will not have a bow.

I have complete confidence in everyone- after tonight it’s your show

Cast party Sat April 24th after the show in the Little Theater- Sign up for refreshments and bring Wii games extra controllers and such  

REMINDER: School day performance rehearsals. You were informed at auditions that we will be performing for a school day on Monday May 3rd at 9:30am and 12:15pm.
We need to cut the show down to one and a half hours- from three acts to two.
We will NEED to rehearse this.

Sunday April 25th School Day Rehearsal ALL CALLED at 1pm- You will receive your school day cut down script on this day.  
Tuesday April 27th School Day Rehearsal ALL CALLED at 7pm
Thursday April 29th School Day Rehearsal & Brush up ALL CALLED at 7pm No lights or sound needed.

As Always Thank you!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. ~Helen Keller

Wed April 21st call: EVERYONE 6:30pm Circle 7:30pm Start 8:00pm ADD Make-up, Hair, Costumes
IF lines are picked up and cues go correctly this rehearsal should not run later than 11pm
Plan of Action- Circle: Notes- Announcements, Light Curtain Call, Run Show with no stops

SCENE CHANGE MOVERS- remember changes, I suggest go over any changes with your Stage Manager

A TV crew is coming to tape tonight :)

Blind School Children who are NOT Scene change movers can leave after ACT 1 about an Hour after START time. These children must get their notes before next rehearsal. Children who ARE scene change movers, can leave right after rehearsal before notes.


Blind School Children Notes from Tuesday Tech: Good acting blind! Too Manny of you now say "Sara's going to Alabama" we need a mixture of "Sara's a baby doll", "Sara's going to Alabama" and laughter pick one yourself and stick with it, not everyone the same line. Pick up lines- know your line, know when you're going to say it. Please look over your lines and cues before rehearsal tonight.

Great run last night! The show is really coming together perfectly! Keep up the good work and have FUN!

As always Thank you

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It is for us to pray not for tasks equal to our powers, but for powers equal to our tasks, to go forward with a great desire forever beating at the door of our hearts as we travel toward our distant goal.~Helen Keller

Tuesday April 20th call EVERYONE 6:30pm Start 7:30pm add Costumes and Hair
Plan for tonight: Announcements, Block curtain Call First, Run Show   
Since We have a Three Act Show-things are running smoother each night, but end times of rehearsal is looking to be more around 10:00pm 
Wed April 21st call EVERYONE 6:30pm Circle 7:30pm Start 8:00pm add Costumes, Hair & Makeup
Plan for Wed Night: Circle, light curtain call, Run Show
TV Crew coming to tape
 Also Blind School Children who are NOT scene change movers can leave after Act 1-Monday through Wednesday- about an hour after START time.
 Make sure you get your NOTES from the DIRECTOR before the following tech rehearsal.
 Blind School Children Notes: Wear Black Tights not pantyhose (girls) Black knee socks (boys) 
We need more ad libs on "Open the box Annie" Beth say "shh" a little later Bowen Please do not jump Julia's line, let her say her lines. Victoria sit closer to Annie. Some children laugh at Annie packing Sarah in the truck, not everyone say "Sarah's a baby doll" Great work at acting blind everyone!

SAFETY is our priority- Since rehearsals are ending late at night All Children must me picked up by an parent/ guardian inside the Theater In the Green room please. No Children are permitted outside alone in the dark- Thank you.
Thursday April 22nd call EVERYONE 6:30pm 7:30pm cast photo Circle After 8:00pm start
Photos taken during Dress and Video Taken
Blind School Children need to stay for Whole Rehearsal

Sunday, April 18, 2010

One day down FOUR more till Opening

THANK YOU to those who stayed after and helped with set construction.

We got A LOT done!
We still need to paint and help like that. If you are willing and able your HELP is NEEDED

I will be at the theater at 5:30pm every night for the rest of the week if you have questions.

Now comes the fun part- the show is coming together

TECH WEEK CALLS: 4/18-4/22

Monday April 19th Call 6:30pm 7:00pm Start add costumes
Tuesday April 20th call 6:30pm Start 7:30pm add Costumes and Hair
Blocking Curtin Call
Wed April 21st call 6:30pm Circle 7:30pm Start 8:00pm add Costumes, Hair & Makeup
TV coming to tape (Lighting Curtin Call)
Thursday April 22nd call 6:30pm 7:30pm cast photo Circle After 8:00pm start
Photos taken during Dress and Video Taken


Also Blind School Children who are NOT scene change movers can leave after Act 1-Monday through Wednesday. Make sure you get your NOTES from the DIRECTOR before the following tech rehearsal.

Thank you actors for being so QUIET and patient during tech it made things run so smoothly!

As Always Thank You

Saturday, April 17, 2010


We have run through the whole show- congratulations!

Onto Tech week: - also handed out at Sunday Tech Day

TECH WEEK CALLS: 4/18-4/22

Sunday April 18th Call 12:30pm

Monday April 19th Call 6:30pm 7:00pm Start add costumes

Tuesday April 20th call 6:30pm Start 7:30pm add Costumes and Hair

Wed April 21st call 6:30pm Circle 7:30pm Start 8:00pm add Costumes, Hair & Makeup

TV coming to tape

Thursday April 22nd call 6:30pm 7:30pm cast photo Circle After 8:00pm start

Photos taken during Dress and Video Taken

Tech nights could run past 9pm- please be understanding. Also Blind School Children who are NOT scene change movers can leave after Act1- Make sure you get your NOTES from the DIRECTOR before the following tech rehearsal
Sunday’s tech is primarily for our lights, set dressings, sound/ mics, and props. Sorry actors, but this will be a cue-to-cue run through be very patient. I suggest a book, or homework. BUT be ready and attentive in the wings for cues and jumps from scene to scene- please do not make us stop our run to scream for you to come onto stage.


Please, please, please stay after our first tech cue-to-cue for some more set construction and painting. We need to make a run to the warehouse and get some more set dressings, if you have a truck and are willing… call our SM or producer phone numbers located in the cast packet. We will be working on our pump- and flooring too…

As Always thank you!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. ~ Helen Keller

We have successfully Ran Act 1! Thank you

We ain’t done yet...Onto Act2 and Act3

Sat April 17th at 1pm MAIN STAGE: Run Act 2 and rough through Act 3- We must start the run at 1pm- announcements and notes following. Called: All characters in Act 2 & 3 I hope to be done by 4pm- but we may run over.

Paper tech at 12:00pm April 17th
Please use the spread sheet given to you at read through that tells you what Acts and Scenes that you are in. I will not longer tell individuals.

Please bring paper and pencils to write down notes.

Thank you to those who have been helping with set construction!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Entertainment and Education

We want to entertain our audience- but also educate. We want our audience to walk away from our show inspired to take action and help someone with a disability in a positive way. Even if that means having more respect for them, or not starring at their differences. In this wave of thinking-NOTE TO EVERYONE: Focus for Act 1 &2 If you interact with Helen Keller- She was treated as Sub-human. Goal is to have the audience feel as though they want to jump up on stage and steal Helen away from her incentive family life. Take the direction I have already given you- only add this goal as a sub text.

!!!Wed 6pm-9pm Set construction volunteers needed!!!!

Thursday April 15th 2010 MAIN STAGE at 7pm: Running Act 1 (becca repeats to her self” I will not stop to give a note… I will not stop to give a note”)- roughing through running Act 2 Called All Characters in Act 1 & 2

***We are an ensemble so everyone needs to attend rehearsal. The commitment was made clear to you since auditions. Everyone provided the production staff with a conflict schedule- I understand life is what happens while you are busy making plans, but be considerate to your fellow actors that rely on your cue line- your acting. Call ahead and state why you can not attend. If you will miss too many rehearsals that were not made clear to the production staff ahead of time there are other actors willing and able to take your part***

Don't make me say it EVER AGAIN "Quiet in the Wings"

Ladies and Gentlemen: I am VERY PROUD! Remember that I am already very happy with our Show. The next two weeks I am going to “tweak” the show. I will pay attention to little details. I am an Actor’s director- giving background, “motivation”, reasons, actions. But I know what I want to see so please understand I am going to get louder- I am NOT screaming at you. I am NOT mad at you at any time, I am just pulling quality work out of everyone from our littlest blind child, to our dog to Helen Keller. I was a fun loving, joke telling, director- but now is crunch time and so pacing will be quicker, requests will be more abrupt, just always know that I am PROUD and HAPPY with everyone’s effort.

As always-Thank you

Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see. Helen Keller

Running of Acts!

Tuesday April 13th 2010 7pm MAIN STAGE  

BEFORE we run the Act we will go over the PERCY & DOG Scene and add the dog into page 26- Also when we get the first Shadow People scene we will block that little bit.

Thank you! Thank you!

 For the Wonderful Performance On Sunday 11th at the Children’s Day!
Here are some photos from that Performance 


Thank You! Thank YOU!
Those who aided in Set construction on Sunday night! There is still much more to do please help whenever you can! - if younger members of the cast are willing to help please ask the director, Stage manager or a producer if you can.

Keep promoting the Show!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Set Construction Updates

Hello all,

Thanks for the help at set construction last night -we got the dining room platforms up - tonight we are going to tackle the bedroom platforms and stairs and hopefully walls.   

Schedule for set construction:
Mon 12 6pm-9pm
Wed 14 6pm-9pm
Fri 16 6pm-9pm

Lots to do this week - including trimming, painting, etc....

See you there

Your co-producer and capitan - Ted

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Get the Word Out about our GREAT Show!

Mr Oscar the Dachshund enjoyed today's rehearsal and says that we will be wooftastic at the Mall!

All Blind school children who attended today’s rehearsal will be permitted to attend tomorrows performance.

Sunday April 11th: We will meet in the upstairs dressing room at 2:15pm to change into costume, load our table chairs and props into the truck and car poll to the Mall. The performance is from 3pm-3:30pm and we will be back to the theater to unload the table and chairs get out of costume and done by 4pm.

 Anyone who is 14 and older please return to the theater no later than 7pm to aid in set construction Sun Night – see previous blog entry for information

Tuesday April 13th 2010 Main Stage 7:00pm:  We will be running Act 1 Called: ALL CHARCTERS IN ACT 1 & THE DOG

Before we run the act I would like to work the scene with Percy & the dog and also add the dog into page 26

Thank you!

Friday, April 9, 2010

From the Producer - Set Construction

Hello Miracle Workers.....this is your co-producer and captain speaking!     Today's topic - SET CONSTRUCTION!!!

It's time to get this set up so we can start stomping on floors, locking doors, climbing ladders, and so Jimmie can start holding up the porch!     We have ONE week to get it up before tech starts so anyone over 14 in the cast, crew, or our families/friends that can help, we need you!

Sunday 11th - 6pm: we're hauling from the warehouse and putting up platforms.  WE NEED A TRUCK!   If you have a truck we can use, let me know ( right away.   We will build til about 9pm

Monday 12th - 6pm-9pm:  SET BUILD on the Main Stage.

Friday 16th - 6pm-9pm: SET BUILD - hopefully finalize everything.

Of course if anyone has days free, we have plenty to do during the days and can get you with Ed Ramage to work.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who's that crazy director? Oh its just Rebecca.

So... yea got home and found I was running a little that my excuse for the extra craziness tonight


(i hope)

Great job tonight everyone
If you are apart of the L-A-D-D-E-R scene Act 1 Scene 12 Keep your eyes on the Blog. As soon as we have the second story platform up we will run that scene with that ladder
If you have missed any of your own blocking you need to arrive earlier to rehearsals and ask the stage manager for your blocking.

Sat April 10th 1:00pm Little Theater- We will run and time General Annie Vs Helen Keller and The Perkins scene- we will run these scenes until we work out how we are going to block everything- that also means setting up for the breakfast scene-- Called: BLIND SCHOOL CHILDREN ANNIE, ANAGNOS, HELEN

PARENTS: I hope to be done by 2pm or 2:30pm but no later than 3pm
Sunday April 11th is a performance- There will be no rehearsal --- take this time to learn lines!

7pm Set Construction call- request that all cast members 14 years old and up attend

Monday April 12th, Wed April 14th, and Fri April 16th are all Set Build days- volunteers needed!!!

We will start to run acts on Tuesday April 13th with Act 1 at 7pm on the main stage

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Changes Changes Changes Schedule Changes

"Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content." ~Helen Keller

Thursday April 8th 2010 at 7:00pm We will be blocking on the Main Stage Act 1 Scene 11 Jimmie’s Death called: SHADOW VOICES, JIMMIE
Act 1 Scene 8b The Young Teacher called: KELLER, KATE, ANNIE, HELEN, JAMES, VINEY
We must move the ladder scene to  thurs to get a chance to use a ladder on the main stage to block the scene

Then we will run and time General Annie VS Helen Keller Called: ANNIE & HELEN

After this rehearsal we will have blocked the WHOLE SHOW!

Update for Sunday April 11th- If any youth members of our show would like to sit at the Barrow Civic table at the Mall before or after our performance please contact Martha 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4/11/10 Flier Given out at 4/6/10 Rehearsal


Children’s Day @ the Cranberry Mall Sunday April 11th 2010

This is a great opportunity to showcase your talents as an actor and free publicity/ advertisement for our show!

The performing Scenes are Act 1: Scene 3 Perkins’s Institute and Act 2: Scene 15 General Annie vs Helen Keller Called: ANNIE, ANAGNOS, all BLIND SCHOOL CHILDREN, and HELEN

Costume Call:
Location the Barrow- Main Stage at 2:15pm

We will get into costume at the Barrow and then Carpool to the Mall

If any Parents are interested in Carpooling please inform the director or Stage Manager by Rehearsal on Sat April 10th 2010.  Also if a parent has a truck to transport some chairs and our large table to the mall we would love to utilize it. J

Performance Time: 3:00pm-3:30pm in the Mall
Location: Cranberry Mall

We should be back to the Barrow and out of costume by 4:00pm

Set Construction Call Sunday April 11th 2010
At 7:00pm

Due to scheduled events prior to our show opening we have VERY LIMITED time to put together our set and have it up and ready for our TECH WEEK. All cast members 14 years old and up are requested for a set construction call~ many hands make light work! 

***Please remember you representing the Barrow Civic Theater and your behavior and actions while in public should reflect your positive experience from the theater. ***

Monday, April 5, 2010

What a way to start a week

Thank you all for trudging through act two with us tonight. The scene changes are very important and it is great that the younger members of the cast are up to the challenge. Please remember there is now: scene change .25, .50, 1 & 2 Only move the items that you were informed of moving.

Thank you to those who could attend tonight’s rehearsal. The schedule was changed due to the holiday. We did state the mistake of 1pm on the calendar to be 7pm at the read through, and then again verbally at rehearsals and lastly I posted the change very boldly on this blog. If you did not get the update I apologize but the production team did the best that they could to inform everyone.

Please make sure that your contact information is up to date. I have had trouble contacting those who needed to speak to me receiving disconnected phone line messages and e-mails kicked back to me. The producers, stage manager and myself have not had any change in contact information so please inform us if you have a schedule conflict.

Speaking of contact, the production staff is here to help you, but please note that I am not available until after work hours. From 8:30am-5:00pm I am at work and can not always answer my phone or email, but you can leave a message with me. Please do not expect a phone call from me until after 5pm.

Tuesday April 6th Rehearsal at 7:30pm after Holy Jeans rehearsal on the main stage

We will be running Act 1 Scene 3 Perkins institute called: ANNIE, ANAGNOS, and all BLIND SCHOOL CHILDREN. We were missing some blind school children actors due to scheduling conflicts and missing rehearsals so we will need to fill these children in on their blocking. If you do not have a scheduling conflict known for tuesday's rehersal and you miss for the second time your lines will be given to those children who have been coming to rehearsal. Then onto blocking Act 1: Scene 1 Acute Congestion called: DOCTOR, KATE, KELLER , Scene 6 Expecting Annie Called: VINEY, KELLER, KATE, JAMES, HELEN

All Blind School children and Helen need to see the costumers for measurements for your Sunday April 11th mall performance show
The scenes that we will be presenting for the Children’s day at the Cranberry Mall are The Perkin’s Institute Scene with Anagnos, Annie and the Blind School children and the General Annie Vs Helen Keller with Annie and Helen. These people are all called for the performance. We will meet at the Barrow Theater at 2:15pm to get into costume and load some props and our table for the breakfast scene. Then we will car pool to the Cranberry Mall for our performance at 3pm-3:30pm. If there are parents interested in car pooling please inform us on Tues or Saturday rehearsals. I will be sending home a hand out with this information which each blind school child.

Set Construction Call: at 7pm on Sunday April 11th on the main Stage. It is requested that all actors help out to build our set since we do not have a lot of time to put the set together before opening. We will be bringing over furniture and building the set on Sunday night.

NOTE we are coming up on the OFF BOOK request. Which is by April 17th

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Great Job tonight Kids No Joke LOL

Good job Blind School Children!(and adults)  Everyone please have a good Easter Break and we will see those called on Monday at 7:00pm yes 7pm not 1pm as stated on your rehearsal calendar 7:00pm on the main stage

April 5th at 7:00pm Main stage we will be running Act2 All Characters in Act 2 are called. Also called are those that were asked by the Stage Manager to help with scene changes- Megan, Bowen, Jordyn and Regan- VINEY, MARTHA, PERCY .

We will run through all the scene changes first and then run the act.

I do not foresee Monday night to be an early let out night we will run to 9pm