Sunday, May 2, 2010


Thank you all for your dedication!

I have heard it said that this was one of the best straight plays at the theater and it is all due to your commitment.

School Shows Breakfast 8:00am Call EVERYOE 8:30am Circle 9:15am 1st Show 9:30am Lunch in the little theater (Whenever you are eating you need to be out of costume or wear something over your costumes to protect them) 2nd Show 12:15pm

REQUIRED attendance at the strike following the last show
Everyone will have a job to complete which will be posted for you!

Be proud of your accomplishment EVERY performance ended with a Standing Ovation!

I am so very proud and feel lucky to have worked with all of you!
I am still very grateful for the thoughtfulness in your gift to me.

Please do not forget to sign it tomorrow :)
FOR always Thank you~Rebecca

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